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Mar 26 2019

Update java language level for many modules in Intellij IDEA

I have a problem with Intellij IDEA. It's a wonderful IDE, and I use it everyday for my job at XWiki. But I have found a bug that I have reported that is very annoying. Frequently, it changes the "language level" of my java modules to 1.5, while my project is actually written with Java 1.8. It is a pain since I have hundreds of modules, and this setting must be changed to each individual module manually.

To work around this problem, I have found a solution on stackoverflow that I will share with you.

First, you need to shut down your IDE.

Second step: go to the .idea folder inside your project, and open compiler.xml

Replace all the target values in the tag <module>, e.g.




Third step: go in the project folder and run the following commands

find . -type f -name "*.iml" -print0 | xargs -0 sed -i "s/JDK_1_5/JDK_1_8/g"

Jan 31 2018

Having multiple lines for tabs in Firefox

Before Firefox 57 release, I used to have an extension called Tab Mix Plus. One of the features that I liked, was the ability to have several lines to display the tabs list. I usually have dozens on tab opened on my browser, and scrolling horizontally to find the one I need is painful.

But Tab Mix Plus is now broken since Firefox has been redesigned. It is now considered as an obsolete extension. Unfortunately, I have not found a valid extension to replace it. Worse: extensions are not allowed to perform such changes in the new version of Firefox. ...

Feb 08 2016


How I run functional tests

In XWiki, we use Selenium to run functional tests. It opens a browser window (firefox), goes to your wiki, and verifies that the UI works as expected.

However, the last version of Firefox is not always supported by Selenium. Most of the time, this is the case when you run functional tests on a old version of XWiki (old meaning here "not the last one").

The workaround is to have an old version of firefox installed on your computer, in addition with the one you use for your everyday life.

You can get an old firefox on the mozilla ftp directory.

I currently use the version 35 for this use-case.

Then, you need to tell bash to use it, like this:

export PATH=/home/gdelhumeau/downloads/firefox:$PATH
## replace /home/gdelhumeau/downloads/firefox by the path where you have installed firefox

But you should enable this old firefox only to run functional tests. For this reason, I actually have added a new alias in .bash_aliases:

alias mvn='export PATH=/home/gdelhumeau/downloads/firefox:$PATH && mvn'

Now, the old firefox will be used each time you run a Maven command, but it won't affect your default browser configuration.

How I run IntellIJ

IntellIJ IDEA is an excellent IDE for Java and I enjoy using it when I work for XWiki.

To install it, I've just uncompressed the package in some places, and then I have written the following script to start it:

## Use the old firefox when running functional tests from Intellij
export PATH=/home/gdelhumeau/downloads/firefox:$PATH
## Fix a bug with the keyboard on Ubuntu (see: http://askubuntu.com/questions/501907/keyboard-locks-in-intellij-idea-on-ubuntu-14-04)
export XMODIFIERS=idea.sh
## Change the current dir and start IDEA
cd /home/gdelhumeau/bin/idea-IU-143.1821.5/bin && sh idea.sh

To do an upgrade if the IDE, I just uncompress the archive and replace the path in my script.

How I write complex content in XWiki (Velocity, JavaScript, etc...)

When I need a good editor to edit some content in a running XWiki, I use the It's all text plugin for Firefox. Then I can use gedit.

I hope it helps!

Dec 22 2015

OW2con'15: XWiki Product and Community


I have recently been invited to talk at the OW2 conference about the XWiki project and its community.

It's a brief resume about our governance rules, and an example of collaboration between the XWiki SAS company and the community.

Thanks to OW2, you can watch the video of the event. ...

Jul 20 2015

JavaScript in 2015

Since its beginning in 1996, JavaScript and its usage has changed a lot. In this article, I am going to describe a brief history of it and how it is used today in our browsers. ...

Jun 29 2015

LESS in XWiki, Post Mortem of an integration

LESS is a language that extends CSS by adding new features such as variables, mix-ins (kind of functions), etc... It makes CSS development more efficient and maintainable and is used by one of the major CSS frameworks available: Bootstrap.

Last year, we have integrated the LESS compiler in XWiki. At first, the purpose was to create a new look & feel based on Bootstrap, compatible with existing color themes. Quickly, we have encountered the need to execute some LESS code on-the-fly, and proposing a LESS compiler in XWiki was the unique solution. ...

Mar 02 2015

Installing XWiki on a VPS (Digital Ocean or OVH) for less than $10/month

Nowadays, having our own Virtual Private Server (VPS) is very not expensive. I have taken this opportunity to host my own XWiki instance. In this article, I will report how I have done so you can easily do the same. ...

Jan 06 2015

Integrate a Bootstrap theme in XWiki? An example with Bootswatch

With the arrival of Flamingo in XWiki, we now have a nice, modern and responsive skin. Moreover, it has been built using Bootstrap, the great CSS framework which is very popular nowadays.

One of the Bootstrap's characteristics is the fact that we can find a lot of themes on the Web. 

The good news is that we are able to integrate them in XWiki, through the Flamingo Theme Application. In this post, I am going to show you how to proceed, with a theme provided by Bootswatch. ...

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